Anonymous Player - A first if it's kind! Brilliant! Smooth gaming interface with a sleek combat system that allows you to play with one hand.
Anonymous Player - Good game, the small price of a drink is worth it
~~ Epic 3D Action with One Hand ~~

Introducing an innovative portrait-mode, single touch control system rarely seen before in 3D mobile games!!

Plan upgrades wisely with limited resources.
Learn and counter enemy attack patterns.
Conquer game bosses and summon them for assistance in future battles!

☑ Play with One Hand
☑ Challenging Game-play with NO Pay-to-win
☑ Boss Characters Reanimated from History and Legends
☑ Dedicated Player Rankings
☑ Facebook Login for Data-Sync

Darkness has fallen upon our world, and destroyed most of what good that has existed before. As a brilliant soul, you are revived by a mysterious yet familiar lady. She points you in the direction of The Tower, where Light is last said to be found. Spawns of Darkness stand in between you and your newfound destination - will you survive the journey ahead?


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